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Implement Room Booking Service

Level: Client IT / Serraview Implementation Team

Use the following list to ensure you have completed the implementation.

No. Item Responsible

Complete the service establishment.

Client IT / Serraview Implementation Team

Microsoft Exchange Configuration

Complete the prerequisites:

  1. Create Microsoft Office 365 Service Account for Exchange
  2. Set up the calendar resource’s mailbox delegation

Complete the configuration for either:

Client IT

Google Calendar Configuration

Complete the perquisites.

Complete the configuration:

  1. Create a Google OAuth Service Account
  2. Configure Serraview’s Room Booking Service with Google Calendar
  3. Set the Calendar Permissions and Sharing

Refer to Google Calendar Configuration.

2 Provide the Serraview Implementation team with service account details. Client

After the implementation you can adjust the configuration for Engage and Locator, refer to:

Client IT / Serraview Implementation Team

Room Booking Service IP Address

If required, you can whitelist the server and the IP Addresses are:

  • For APAC the room booking service has a single static IP address:
  • For US the room booking service has a single static IP address: