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Workplace Administrator Role

This role is defined as:
  • employees within the business who have their own roles and responsibilities (within that Team or Business Unit) who are also chosen to keep property and occupancy data up-to-date.
  • they supervisor the validation process.
  • they do not report directly to anyone in the CRE team.

Also known as a Business Unit Representative or Real Estate Liaison.

Key Responsibilities

Who do they work with?

Update where their team members sit and/or the space the team is allocated. If you are completing a monthly validation then this can be done in using Workplace Portal.

Relationship Manager Role to understand the high-level requirements of their Business Unit or location.

Data Analyst Role and Space Planner Role when using Workplace to update occupancy data.

Assist with gathering data in preparation for a move if required. When your Corporate Real Estate team has set up a BOS Move Plan, then you can be assigned a BOS Role and invited to update the BOS Move Plan with the location of where your team is moving to (and/or team members are sitting in the new location).

Relocations Manager Role and Migration Manager Role when detailed data requirements need to be updated in preparation for a move.

Create new Service Requests where Corporate Real Estate is engaged to assist with moves and churns.