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Legacy Dashboard


Legacy Reporting Dashboard is primarily used to run floorplan reports built using Serraview Report Builder. The majority of default reports within Reporting Dashboards are related to utilization reporting. You can find information on the utilization reports in the following:


The Legacy Reporting Dashboard is accessed via the left-menu, click Insights > Reporting Dashboard


The list of reports available to you is determined by your level of access.

Users require the secured action Web Dashboards - Access to access the Reporting Dashboards.

If you require the access, then contact your System Administrator. For information on how to add secured actions to a role, refer to Manage User Roles.

View Legacy Reporting Dashboards


From the home page you can:

  • Click on a report name to open the report and adjust the parameters.
  • Click on the  Home worddavdc6cf2d3eb3a115c90d2ab9f36d6efde.pngicon in the top left to return to the Landing page.
  • Click on the Edit worddav0c918bd42959bcfc565b21715397dd7c.pngicon to the right of the report description to edit the report in Report Builder.

After you have opened a report, you can:

  • Use the parameters in the header bar to adjust the dashboard display.
  • Deep-link to a Report.
  • Return to the home page for the Reporting Dashboard click on the Return worddava73d59f3587e3f247919cb6e4eeb8f8e.pngicon.
  • Click on the Favorite worddav606729d7a57abd46f5fa2fb72a7611d5.pngicon to mark the report as a favorite. This will bring it to the top of the list on your Reporting Dashboard home page.
  • Click on the Download worddavb4ca481e1cbce9e0617c0437983835ca.pngicon to download the report.
  • Click on the Edit worddavaf9eefe42c5f43c2ac5e9eac97a64892.pngicon to edit the report in Report Builder.

If the report displays a floorplan you can navigate the floorplan by:

  • use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.
  • use the cursor to pan the image when you are zoomed in.
  • use the keyboard's + (plus) key to zoom in and - (minus) key to zoom out.
  • use the keyboard's arrow keys to pan the image when you are zoomed in.