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View the Spaces on the Block

The Block displays the floorplans with all mapped spaces except zones you can click the Spaces clipboard_e3f38abf02f87af92a8af082394b7fba6.png icon to see the spaces.

When Spaces is turned on then the Block displays following:

  • Spaces that do not have a charge rule of Dedicated Allocation display grey, for example: 


  • Spaces that have a charge rule of Dedicated Allocation display blue to make is easier for you to see unallocated spaces, for example:


  • Team and Neighborhood blocked areas are hidden.

Also, the Information Panel displays the Space tab and you can click the the Space Types icon_space_types_tab.png tab. This contains the breakdown of available space types found on the floor e.g. Desk: Standard, Sit-stands, Hot desks, and the space's area. 

If you want to display the measurement in imperial, then change your locale setting.

Fixed Team Example


Flexible Team Example


If you want to alter what displays in the Spaces tab then set the space type's Include in the VBS Space Type Panel check box, refer to Add, Edit, or Delete the Space Types.