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2020 August Engage Product Release

The following was released for Engage:

Insights now contains the Engage Dashboards and Reports

From Serraview's Insights, you can understand what your employees are reserving and know which spaces require cleaning and sanitation at the end of each day.

For more details, see Engage Dashboards and Reports.

Booking History by Space Dashboard


345 Desk Booking Report


Restrict the Desk Reservation to the Person's Assigned Desk

System Administrators can control who is allowed to reserve desks, such as only the team they are assigned to, only people in the desk's neighborhood, only people on the desk's floor, only people in the desk's building, everyone, or no-one. 

Now there is a new Booking Access level where the System Administrator can restrict the desk reservation to the person (occupant) assigned to the desk.

For more details, see Set up Desk Reservation Permissions.


Highlight the person's Neighborhood or Flexible Team on the floorplan

When you search for and then select a person who belongs to a Neighborhood or Flexible Team, Engage will highlight the Neighborhood or Flexible Team on the floorplan.

For more details, see Search for a Flexible Working Person.


Person with Multiple Locations

If a person has locations these will display in the search results. In this example Radu has the multiple location of 425 Collins Street, 18 Tremont Street, and Remote Working.


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