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Using Serraview

So where do I begin?


When you are a new starter to Serraview, we recommend that explore how the product works.


When you are onboarding, we have the following onboarding lists to ensure a successful implementation.

There is a special section that details using the Serraview product in COVID-19 times:

We have several recommended practices in the following areas:

Space Planning 

Moves Management

Asset Management

Also, there is detailed information on the maintenance of your Portfolio Data.


Find out about the continuous delivery of Serraview Release Management and read the latest release notes. Also, there is information on the Product Upgrades and Maintenance Windows.


Information about support contacts and how you can view your Serraview Support tickets, see Serraview Support


Learn about the Serraview Training Program for General User Training and System Administrator Training.


The System Administration in the People Directory, User Security, and Admin Settings.