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2023 December Serraview Product Release

December's release includes:

  • General Maintenance
  • SVLive Supported Switches

General Maintenance

Released December 9th

  • Spaces

    • When you set up your spaces with the setting “Reserving Enabled” unchecked, this now disables the calendar control, as described in the article - Set up Engage for Wayfinding.

    • The Attributes tab contains the Image File field, which now lets you upload an SVG file.

  • Block & Stack (VBS)

    • The Information Panel’s Occupied statistic is fixed and now correctly calculates. It also includes people with unallocated spaces in the calculation.

    • When you selected a particular floor and team, the Block & Stack displayed a white screen and this was annoying, so it was fixed. Or when you selected a particular workstation and then edited the Occupied By field and a white screen displayed, this was fixed too.

    • The Space form’s Occupancy Configuration field occasionally displays “blank”. This display issue has been fixed.

  • Storage, Lockers, and Parking - The modules now show the data from the custom fields.

  • Scenario Planner - 34 Workstation Detail Report with Tags now successfully runs and generates a report.

  • Orphan Org Unit

    • The “Set New Location” button now reassigns the references as described in the article - Manage Orphan Org Units in Admin Settings.

    • The “Delete Orphans” button has been renamed to “Delete Unreferenced Orphans” button. This will delete the unreferenced orphans across all pages (this means you don't need to click Select All button anymore) and the delete will run in the background.

  • 345 Desk Booking Report

    • The Cancelled? column in the report must be updated as Yes when the check-in is not completed within check-in period.

    • When a person is archived now, their bookings will remain in the 345 report.

  • Audit Search - This module was spinning and we fixed it, so it's back up and running again.

  • Custom Fields - The tool tips are now working.

  • Engage Configuration - The Person of Interest setting has been corrected to let you add and edit tags as described in the article - Set up the Person of Interest Filters.

SVLive Support Switches

This was a recent release and we now support Juniper and Meraki switches, see Operating Environment.