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Reporting Delays

The release notes below detail the Performance Improvements that will be released to Production on the July, 30.

Slowdown Incident

The Serraview product has recently observed slow downs that have significantly affected user experience. The slow down has affected statistic calculations which has seen an impact on a number of features, including loading floorplans, showing space shapes, displaying statistics, and overall performance in VBS and Reporting modules.

Immediate Mitigation

In order to restore service performance our teams have rolled out a short-term fix on  Monday June 8 (AMER/EMEA) and Sunday June 14 (APAC). The fix pre-calculates statistics on an hourly schedule and simplifies queries to alleviate performance issues. This fix is temporary until the team can resolve the underlying problem, and again calculate statistics in real-time.

Short-term Fix: Recalculate Statistics on a Schedule

The fix that has been recently rolled out works as described below.

Statistics that are Unaffected

While the following features use statistics, they are not affected by this change:

  • Interactive use - Interactive use of VBS and Scenarios as well as imports, utilization reports, chargeback reports, scheduled reports are unaffected and will continue to show real-time statistics.
  • Imports  -  Any statistics calculated at the end of import runs will continue to update relevant statistics for allocation, occupancy, etc. 
  • VBS and Scenario Planner -  All statistics found within the VBS and Scenario Planner modules. This will include statistics found in the Information Panel, as well as any statistics displayed on the neighborhood, team, and space forms 
  • Scenario Plans and BOS Plans -  Changes to statistics made when scenario and BOS plans are implemented are unaffected.
  • Buildings and Floors.  Statistics found in the Buildings & Floors module will continue to be realtime. 
  • Utilization -  Statistics will continue to be processed every 15 minutes.
  • Chargeback and Area Calculations - Calculations will continue to run nightly per normal.

Statistics that are Pre-calculated

Statistics in the reports below are pre-calculated hourly.  They will not reflect real-time changes but will show the statistics as of the previous scheduled run.

  • Common reports.  The most commonly-used stock reports that will show pre-calculated statistics rather than real-time statistics are:
    • Floorplan Block - Report 22 / Report 222
    • High level building stack - Report 46 / Report 246
    • Region stack - Report 78 / Report 278
  • Reporting module.  All statistics (except Utilization + Chargeback, above) pulled out of the reporting module will face a delay in processing.  This includes any changes made to statistics from VBS, Scenario, imports, and implementations as well as quick reports, reporting dashboards, portfolio dashboards and automated reports. 
  • Floorplan reports.  Floorplan reports (e.g. Report 22) will receive live changes to blocking and stacking, but will see a delay in other statistics displayed. As such, if you make changes to stacking and blocking, you will need to wait until the statistics recalculate until the statistics match the blocking and stacking changes.

Continued Improvement

As the product clearly did not live up to our standards of reliability and performance during this incident, we at Serraview are aggressively pursuing performance initiatives to mitigate these issues and return services back to normal operation.

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