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People Details Dashboard

This dashboard is found in Shared > Utility Dashboards > Details Reports.


A tabular-focused dashboard, designed with the option of exporting to CSV or Excel (use “Explore From Here” or the action button for the individual tile to export to Excel). This dashboard includes all People in the system, regardless of whether they have a home location or not. Baseline information is provided about these people and can be used for data validation, communication, and data exporting. Guarantees at least 1 row per person.

Special Data Elements

  • Work Country/City/State/Postcode/Address - these fields are typically imported as part of the person feed. They are not the ‘Location’ of the person as they are assigned in the product (i.e. Serraview), but rather what was imported for that person.
  • Country Match? equals yes, if any of the assigned location(s) Country field exactly matches the Work Country field.

Special Filters

  • Org Unit filter -  Filters on the person’s direct org unit.


  • 1 row per person.