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2023 September Serraview Product Release

September's release includes:

  • 1 Building Report Enhancement
  • Org unit Orphans' References Report Enhancement
  • Region Hierarchy Enhancement
  • General Maintenance

1 Building Report Enhancement

Release September 9th

This report will include the following changes:

  • Added the Latitude and Longitude columns.

Learn more in 1 Buildings Report

Org Unit Orphans' References Report Enhancement

Release September 9th

This report has been updated to include references to Scenario Plans correctly. Remember, you can run this report from the Org Hierarchy’s Org Unit Orphans screen or the Reporting module to download 361 Orphan Org Unit References Report.

Learn more in Manage Orphan Org Units in Admin Settings.

Region Hierarchy Enhancement

Release September 9th

Previously the top-level displays as a "blank entry" with the description "This is the top level region". Now, the “blank entry” will be named “Top-Level Region”.


Learn more in Modify the Regions Keyword.

General Maintenance

Release September 9th

  • BOS - When you grant access to a Private BOS Move Plan the people who have access now display.
  • Spaces 
    • When the Space Type’s settings Can Have Seats is set to unchecked, now when you push the defaults it is reflected in the Spaces module.
    • When you change a Space Type that has workpoints to one that can’t have workpoints, now it defaults to 0.
    • When a space attribute is disabled, now it will not display in the space’s attributes list.
    • Wi-Fi Access Point form, now saves the update to the Name and BSSID fields.
  • Person Custom Fields - The person custom fields weren’t saving, that was annoying so we fixed it.
  • Service Requests - The Create Service Request form was submitting a blank service request. We have corrected this nonsense.
  • Block and Stack’s Audit History 
    • When using the Painting tool to block a team onto a space, the Audit History displays an error. We have corrected this.
    • When a person is removed from a Building A and then added to Building B in the Block and Stack, the Audit History displays changes in Building A’s audit history along with Building B’s changes. This was confusing so we have fixed it.
  • Block and Stack - When a Building and Floor is set to not “Show in VBS”, now the location will not display in the Location selector.
  • Recently Run Reports Icon - This now displays the recently run reports.