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360Facility Implementation Readiness Checklist

At the start of the standard implementation project, the Serraview Implementation Manager and the 360Facility Implementation Manager need to coordinate the following:
No. Focus Area Item
1 Project Resources Mobilized

Some implementation tasks can only be completed by Accruent staff or Serraview staff. Other tasks can be done by Accruent, Serraview, or experienced Implementation Managers from a third-party.

Serraview recommends the following project resources in place before the project commences:

  • Accruent Staff
  • 360Facility Implementation Manager
  • Serraview Staff
  • Serraview Implementation Manager
2 Project Schedule Schedule the data collection, data loading, UAT Environment (and refresh), Training, and Go-Live.
3 Data Requirements and Collection

Before the integration is setup make sure the data is identified and then ready to be loaded.

For more details, refer to 360Facility Data Requirements.

4 Integration
5 Configuration

The integration will be configured after 360Facility and Serraview have both been completed. For more details, refer to Serraview Configuration for 360Facility.