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The Spaces module displays the floorplan with the different space views overlaid on top. This module allows you to:

  • investigate the floors and spaces more easily and everyone will have access and be able to search for a Person or Space.
  • understand the usable space and if needed measure spaces.
  • manually map (or add/edit Serraview polylines) to your floors.
  • produce accurate space and allocation information for chargeback purposes.

Watch the video to learn more about the Spaces

Audio: Sound Length: 3mins Direct link:

Floorplans with Serraview polylines can be seen in the Spaces module and Block and Stack (VBS) module, this is where the Desks and Office spaces will show. Also, the floorplan can be seen in the following reports:

Other areas where you will see floorplans and mapping include Dashboard Reports, Locator, Touchscreen Locator Kiosks, Employee Location page, and the Engage app.

Access to this module is managed using secured actions and roles and the security is detailed in Security in Spaces.

Follow the Learning Paths


 Navigate the Spaces Module - Use this to learn about the Spaces module so you can become more familiar with this module.


 Space View Selector - Use this to learn about different views and where to update the space settings.


 Search the Spaces Module - Use this to learn how to search for a person or space.


 Using the Space Tools to Measure, Tag, and view Attributes - Use this to learn how to measure the floor, view and add tags, and view space's attributes.


 Using Space Tools to Edit Spaces - Use this to learn how to make adjustments to the Serraview polylines, how to use the measuring tool, and how to update a space's details.
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