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Navigate Reports

From the left-menu, click Insights> Reporting. The Reporting screen displays and this consists of the following:
  • Filters
  • Category drop-down
  • Search field
  • Standard reports list
  • Launch Report panel


From the Report module screen you can:

  • Favorite a Report
  • Show Filters
  • Clear the Reports Queue
  • Display Reports by Category
  • Search
  • Generate a Report with Parameters applied

If you have a report that you frequently run then this can be added as a favorite report.

  1. In the Search field, enter the report ID number or the name of the report.
  2. For the report to favor, click the Favorites image2020-2-14_9-58-22.pngicon.


To unfavor a report, click the Favorites  image2020-2-14_10-10-22.png icon.

The default show filter is All and this displays all the reports.


  • From the Show Filters, click the Favorites. This will change the filter to display only the favorite reports.


During the day you will have run many reports and if you need to you can clear the reports queue.


From the Category drop-down, select either:

  • Accommodation
  • Business Continuity
  • General
  • Move Projects
  • Service Request

For example, when the Service Request is selected the report list displays only the Service Request reports.


To clear the category selection, click the X icon.

  1. In the Search field, enter the report ID number or the name of the report. The search results display.


To clear the search, click the X icon.

Each report will contain different parameters that can be set before you launch a report. 

In this example, the 22 Floorplan Block report contains the following parameters.


The table below describes the parameters.

Field Description
ZoomToSelector drop-down

Select either:

  • Floor
  • Zone
  • Team
BridsEye check box If you select either Zone or Team, the Show BridsEye check box will become enabled.
Point Size drop-down Select auto or the point size number.
Highlight Occupancy check box Check the Highlight Occupancy check box.
Font Size

From the Font Size drop-down, select the number.

Select a Region/Building/Floor drop-down

Either enter the name of the building/floor or click the drop-down to navigate to the building/floor.

By Org Unit drop-down Either enter the org unit name or click the drop-down to navigate to the org unit.
Snapshot drop-down Either select Current data or the name of the snapshot. For more information, refer to Snapshots.
OrgUnit Color Options drop-down

Either select:

  • Team Level
  • Org Unit Level number
Team Label drop-down

Either select:

  • None
  • Inline
  • Callout - Detailed
  • Callout - Key Only
Show Team Blocking check box Check the Show Team Blocking check box.
Show Neighborhood Labels check box Check the Show Neighborhood Labels check box.
Show Neighborhood check box Check Show Neighborhood check box.
Filter by Tags field

Select the tag from the list and you can select multiple tags.

Click the X icon to clear the tag.

Colour By drop-down

Either select:

  • Org Unit
  • Actual vs Target Ratio
  • Validation
  • Fixed vs Flexi Teams

The table below describes the options.

Field Description
Output Type

From the Page Size drop-down, select:

  • PDF

Some reports will let you select from Excel or PDF.

Page Size

From the Page Size drop-down, select:

  • A3
  • A4

From the Orientation drop-down, select:

  • Landscape
  • Portrait