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Send out Storage Space details to the person


Send Storage Assignment Email

Send out the storage details to the new or future owner. This can be done outside of Serraview, or you can send out an email from Serraview to the people who are responsible for storage.

  1. Navigate to Resources > Storage.
  2. Use the Storage Search and Filter.
  3. Click the Send email button.


4. Click the email to send. The email(s) are sent to the selected people.

The Storage Assignments email template is a default email. Learn more about emails, see Storage Emails and Manage Email Templates.

Provide Storage Security (key, code, pass, etc)

Either the Facilities team or the Corporate Real Estate team provides the security access to the physical device. For example swipe card, access cards, pass, code, or keys.

Close the Service Request

The service request is now complete and can be closed, refer to Update Status and Actions.