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Archive or Reject People on the Archive Candidates List

Level: System Administrator

The Person Import has a setting to archive people who are not in the import and these people will normally be employees who have left the company. When this setting is used add any person in Serraview who is not present in the Person Import file will be moved to the Archive Candidates list. The archive candidates will stay on the list for a predetermined time before they are deleted from Serraview. This ensures that as people are off-boarded from your source data, they are also removed from Serraview. The archive candidates identifies where a person does not appear within the People Directory and removes or "archives" them for a predetermined time prior to deleting them from Serraview.

You can configure the archive settings that apply to a Person Import, see Configure Number of Days before a Candidate is Archived.

You can manually manage the archive candidates.

  1. Navigate to Resources > People Directory.
  2. Click the Archive Candidates tab. The Archive Candidates screen displays.


3. You can manually manage the archive candidates. 

To do this, select one or more rows and choose from the following actions:

  • Archive: Remove people from any desks they are assigned to and remove them from the People Directory in Serraview. Note: Any Move Plans or Service Requests created by the person will remain in Serraview.
  • Reject: Remove all people from the Archive Candidates list.
  • Archive all: Archive all people in the Archive Candidates list.
  • Reject all: Remove all people from the Archive Candidates list.