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Change the Charge Rule to a Shared Allocation

System Administrator

When you update the space's charge rule to shared allocation you must specify the allocation between the teams. The Charge Rules view in the Spaces module will allow you to visualize the charge rules applied to spaces. This will give you a quick and visible way to allocate charge rules required for you business.

Update Settings in Bulk

From the Spaces Module, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Spaces.
  2. Use the Location Selector drop-down to navigate to the building and floor.
  3. From the Selector, select the Charge Rules viewThe floorplan displays the booking access by color.
  4. Click the Edit Floor icon.
  5. Click the Bulk Update image2021-5-31_9-13-12.png icon.
  6. Click on the floorplan and drag the cursor across the points to select. Note: If you need to reposition the floorplan when selecting points, then use the panning mode. Either hold down the space bar or click the Planning Mode image2021-5-31_9-46-3.png icon and then reposition the floorplan.
  7. For the Charge Rule drop-down, click the Don't Update and change this to Overwrite.
  8. From the Charge Rule drop-down list, select Shared Allocation.
  9. Click the Update button.
  10. Click the Publish Changes button.

In this example, the space's charge rule is changed from Dedicated Allocation to Shared Allocation, as you want these meetings room to be charged to certain teams.

Remember after you have updated the space to Shared Allocation, you will need to set the allocation, refer to Update Settings Manually below.

Remember the Charge Rule setting can be completed in bulk using an import, refer to Workpoint Import and Space Mapping.

Update Settings Manually

From the Spaces Module, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the Spaces.
  2. Use the Location Selector drop-down to navigate to the building and floor.
  3. Double click on a space. For example, a meeting room.
  4. Click the Space Data tab.
  5. Select the Charge Rule drop-down, select Shared Allocation. The add share allocation displays in the form.


6. Select the team(s).

To filter the teams:

  1. Click the filter icon_filter.png icon.  The filter displays. 


2. In the filter field, enter the name of the team. As you type the list will filter.

3. Select the team.

7. Click the Add button. The teams display in the shared allocation list.

8. Allocate the percentage to the team(s) by either:

Manually set the percentage

  1. For each team click the percentage field to edit.
  2. In the percentage filed, enter the percentage.

Distribute the percentage

  1. Select the team(s).

  2. Click the % Balance button to distribute the percent evenly across the teams.

Under Allocation

You do not need to allocate the full 100%. For example the following teams are set a percentage.

  • National Reporting team 20% 
  • Government Compliance team 20% 

The remaining 60% is unallocated space. 

Over Allocation 

If you over allocate (above 100%) then you will not be able to to save the over allocation and the Update Space button is disabled. In this situation you will need to adjust the percentages.

Add a Team

You can add another team to the shared allocation.

  1. Click the + Add icon. The team selection displays.
  2. Select the team(s).
  3. Click the Add button. The team is added to the shared allocation list.

Remove a Team

You can remove a team.

  1. Select the team(s).
  2. Click the Delete icon. The team is removed from the shared allocation list.

When you have finished, click the Update Space button.

Remember that the spaces can be updated individually in the Spaces Module and the VBS Module.