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Version 2.63 - October 2018 Release Notes

This release was a limited release and updates within 2.63 will be available to all Clients when release 2.64 is deployed.

Minor Enhancements and Fixes

Landing Page

Enhancement – Adobe announced Flash's end of life scheduled for 2020. Serraview has already started the process of refreshing its user interface across the solution to ensure all applications will be Flash-free and migrated to HTML5 by 2019.

If you get a message such as "This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash", and / or a dialog asking you to Allow Flash, please click the "Get Flash" link and click "Allow". You can continue to use the Serraview application safely and securely until we have updated it in 2019 and provided you with training.

We have added a new Adobe Flash Player message displays the following.


If are using Google Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 or above and you do not want the Allow prompt appearing every time, then contact your IT Team and ask them to update the Chrome Group Policy. We recommend the IT Team to reference Google Chrome documentation {+}

Space Optimization

Enhancement – If you need certain users to administer specific hoods, then in the VBS you can assign an administrator to a hood, refer to Manage Hoods in VBS.


The hood administrator can then share their access via the Workplace module to other users, refer to Share complete Administrator access or Share Partial Administrator Access.

Enhancement – The Unallocated Sublease Bill Policy field has been removed from the Floor form. If you have unallocated spaces with the sublease charge rule applied, this will be marked as an exception in the 325 Chargeback Report.

Dashboards & Reporting

Enhancement - The Profile Administration's Manage Teams tab and the quick report 161 Manage Teams Report contain the new Hood Administrators column.


Enhancement - The Profile Administration's Manage Administrators tab and the quick report 164 Manage Administrators Report contain the new Hood column.


Enhancement -325 Chargeback Report contains a Chargeback Summary tab, Details tab that contains a detailed breakdown of all the charge rules and an Exceptions tab that contains the floor exceptions.

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