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Run a Report using the Snapshot data

The following reports have the Snapshot parameter by default:

You can run a report on a snapshot.

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Reporting.
  2. Search for a report.
  3. Select the report.
  4. Adjust the parameters as required.
  5. From the Snapshot drop-down, select either Current data or a snapshot name.


7. Click the Launch button.

The report is created using snapshot data.

Snapshot Limitations

Although we can currently do reporting through snapshots, there are limitations to it:

  • Can only report on a point-in-time, for example, it cannot measure something on a weekly or monthly basis (unless you are taking snapshots daily which is not feasible).
  • Snapshots will report on the current state of its entities (buildings, floors, spaces, org units etc). That is:
    • If an existing floor has 'Show in VBS' as false, whilst the snapshot captured the floor as 'Show in VBS' as true in the past, the floor will not show in the report against this snapshot
    • If a building existed when a snapshot was taken, and is currently deleted, the building will not show in the report against this snapshot