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Data Imports (My Imports)


My Imports allows data to be imported directly into Serraview. The imports displayed in the list are controlled by the level of access granted to the signed-in user.

Users require the following secured actions:

  • My Imports - Access to access the My Imports module.
  • Import - [area] to access the Import. 

If you require access, then contact your System Administrator. For information on how to add secured actions to a role, refer to Manage User Roles.

Onboarding Imports

The following imports are usually run during the onboarding of Space Planning for a new client. They are also available for use after onboarding is complete if required.

Import Description
Region import

Refer to Region Initial Upload.

Buildings import

Floor import

Refer to Building & Floors Initial Upload.

Org unit import

Refer to Org Unit Hierarchy Initial Upload.

Person import

Refer to People Initial Upload.

User import Refer to User Import.

Workpoint import

Occupancy import

Refer to Fixed Team Initial Upload.

Refer to Flexi Team Initial Upload.

Refer to Neighborhood Initial Upload.

Maintenance Imports

The common imports use to maintain the data are:

Import Usage
Asset import

Bulk Update

Bulk Update the asset data via:

Manual Update

Assets can be manually updated in the StorageLockers, or Parking modules.

Neighborhood import

Bulk Update

Bulk update the neighborhood data via:

  • the Hood Import to create neighborhoods and update neighborhood fields, refer to Neighborhood Import.

Manual Update

Neighborhoods can be added manually, refer to Add Neighborhoods' Allocation Manually or Add the Flexible Team to a Neighborhood.

Org unit import

Bulk Update

Bulk update the org unit hierarchy via:

  • this data can be either automatically or manually imported. For more information, refer to Org Unit Hierarchy Data.

Manual Update

Org Unit Hierarchy can be manually managed in the Manage Org Unit Hierarchy.

Occupancy import

Bulk Update

Bulk update the occupancy of people to teams and/or desks via:

Manual Update

Occupancy can be updated manually in Block & Stack (VBS) and/or Workplace Portal.

Person import

Bulk Update

Bulk update to the person's data via:

Manual Update

People can be manually updated in the People Directory.

Space Type Hierarchy

Bulk Update

Bulk update the space type hierarchy via:

Manual Update

Space types can be updated manually in Add, Edit, or Delete the Space Types.

Teams import

Bulk Update

Bulk update teams via:

  • the Team Import to update existing team's details; new teams to existing neighborhoods; add existing team or new teams to neighborhoods, refer to Teams and Neighborhoods Data.


  • When you change people in teams this does not change their personal Org Unit.
  • The import file cannot be used to move existing teams into existing neighborhoods. You will need to go to VBS and drag the existing team into the existing neighborhood, refer to Add the Flexi Team to a Neighborhood.

Manual Update

Teams can be manually updated in Block & Stack (VBS).

Workpoint import

Bulk Update

The Workpoint Import allows users to upload information about workpoints, e.g. cost centers, space types and tags. Refer to:

Manual Update

Workpoints can be updated in the Spaces module, Block & Stack (VBS), and Locator Configuration.

Other Imports

Import Description
Access card import

This import is used to import Badge Swipe data.

The Badge Swipe reporting uses the organizational structure and people information in Serraview to match basic Badge Swipe information to individuals and cost centers. Badge Swipe reporting is used primarily to measure utilization at a building level.

Refer to Badge Swipe.

Sensor imports

This feature is longer supported for Sensor integration; see Occupancy Sensors and Occupancy Sensor API.

You can create the Sensor mappings in Serraview by using the Container Utilization Source Mapping Import and the Bulk Raw Utilization Data Import for the activity rows.

BOS  import

This import is used with BOS and it is designed to let you import information directly into one or more columns saved against a move row in a BOS Move Plan.

Refer to Populate the BOS Move Plan using the BOS Import.

Data point import

This import is used with SVLive Wired and workpoints can be wire-up via the Data Point Import.

Refer to Wireup WorkpointsData Point Import, and 340 Datapoint Import Template Report.

Switch import

This import is used with SVLive Wired and switches can be imported via the Switch import.

Refer to Wireup Workpoints and Switch Import.

Prepare an Import File

You can prepare an import file from:

Download an Import Report

If you want to use an import that contains existing data, then you can download an import report. These reports have been set up to assist with imports. Refer to Download a report and prepare an import and Import Reports.


There are a range of configuration settings that your System Administrator may choose to customize to suit your business needs, refer to My Imports Configuration.