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Request a user account (from the Sign In screen)

The user can request a Serraview user account from the Sign In screen. This can be used when you do not have SSO (single sign-on) set up in your environment.



Before the user can request an account, they must be an existing person in the People Directory.

Step 1. Request a user account

  1. Navigate to https://[instance_name].serraview.comNote: Replace the [instance_name] part of the URL with your company's name or abbreviation provided by Serraview. 

The Serraview Sign In screen displays.


If you do not see the Request Account link on the screen you will need to configure Request Account link to display.

2. Click the Request Account link.


3. In the email field, enter your email address.

4.Click the Submit button.

You are returned to the Sign In screen and the message Your account has been created. A confirmation email has been sent, you must check your email and confirm before signing in.


Step 2. Open confirmation email

  1. Open the confirmation email.


  1. Click the Click to confirm and create a Serraview Account link. The new password screen displays.


3. In the New Password field and Confirm your password field, enter in a password.

4. Click the Submit button. The Landing page displays.