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2022 July Engage Product Release

Note: Our release management approach for Engage is to use continuous delivery, for more details see Engage Release Management.

July's releases include:

Engage Mobile and Web

Add your Favorite Desks, Spaces, and People

Released July 26th


Engage App UI Change
Now you can add your favorite desks, spaces, and people to the Favorites list.

For example, when you are in the Spaces tab, click the Favorite image2022-7-20_13-40-30.png icon. Then next to the space click the Add Favorite image2022-7-20_13-42-30.png icon to add the space to the Favorites list. If you want to remove a favorite from the list, then click the Remove Favorite image2022-7-20_13-44-6.png icon.


Learn more in Add Desk, Space, or People to your Favorites (Web) and Add Desk, Space, or People to your Favorites (Mobile).

Partial Team Reservations

Released July 26th

When you only want to reserve desks for some of your team, now you can select the team members.

The Team Reservations screen is where you can select the person's initial to select team members for the team reservation. If you do not select anyone then the team reservation is made for everyone in the team.


Learn more in Reserve Desks for your Team (Web) and Reserve Desks for your Team (Mobile).

Display your Markers on the Floorplan

Released July 26th


Engage App UI Change by System Administrator
When you want your markers to be displayed in Engage your System Administrator can change the marker’s setting in Serraview’s Space Hierarchy to be visible.


Learn more in Make your Markers visible in Engage.

Pins for a selected Space or Person Enhancement

Released July 26th


Engage App UI Change
When you select the desk on the floorplan, Engage will show you Pin for the space.


When you select a person (to find them on the floorplan), Engage will display the Pin with the person's picture.


Other Fixes and Improvements

Released July 13th

  • General usability improvements and bugs.
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