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Insights General FAQs

Q. Does Insights include backups to my data?

Insights relies on Snowflake’s failsafe design and ‘time-travel’ feature in the unlikely event recovery would be needed. Snowflake is architected so that it is possible to recover the state of the data at any point in time in the last 90 days… even if the database has been dropped!

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Q. Does Insights provide snapshots of my data?

Better than static snapshots, Insights retains a full daily data change history to all your data and enables you to query your data as it stood at any date starting from the point of its deployment and to see changes to your data over time. Additionally, if you have snapshots of your Serraview data from months preceding Insights, then upon Insights deployment, Insights will retrieve data from one snapshot per month for a number of preceding years.

Q. Can we upload past badge data into Serraview for Insights?

Yes, you can upload past data and we will need to reprocess the Badge data via manual intervention. When you have the past Badge data ready to be imported then send a support request to the Serraview Support team. After we received the support request our team will complete the following:

  1. Delete the existing badge data from Insights from the initial date you indicate.
  2. Reprocess all badge data and then Insights will pick up from the last known record for each data series (e.g., badge or bookings) and digests values until they are all loaded.

During this activity, your Insights dashboards will not show the recent badge data, this can take an hour or more for the data to be reprocessed.

Q. If a user with an Editor license leaves the company (or their Editor license is transferred to another user), what happens to the content they created?

When a customer requests an Editor license termination/reassignment, we disable the user, leaving their personal folder(s) content intact and visible to Looker admins only. On request, we can bulk move content from a user's folder to another user or a customer's shared folder.