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Switch Scanner Diagnostic

We have a Scanner Diagnostic tool, for scanning single switches the same way our Scanner does, but then prints the single scan results to screen or file.

A healthy output from the scan = validation that the data flow is healthy, and all connections are configured and healthy.

  • Timeouts are usually an Authentication fail (starting the connection)
    • Double-check: SNMP Authentication isn’t mixed up.
  • Blank results
    • Double-check: Switch Manager > Has the Data VLAN (e.g., DATA VLAN 10) been authorized for the SNMP Authorized User?
    • Double-check: Switch Manager > Are there any restrictions to OIDs we need to access? Refer to the Switch Configuration's OID table.

What to do if you find:

  • Ports that show 10s to 100s of devices against them (instead of a healthy 1 count, or 2 at most)
    • Click the client’s SVLive2 Deployment Configuration Checklist (internal page) which a Regex string targeting these ‘trunk ports’ (with numerous devices).
  • No errors, but no data in the neat tables
    • Check the make and model of the switch, or any recent changes to the switch? Refer to this Troubleshoot SVLive User Device and Server Connectivity article for details.
      • Run the SNMP Walk targeting the sysDescr OID. Refer to the Switch Configuration's OID table.
      • Ask the Switch Manager to confirm the make and model of all access-level switches configured.
    • Re-run the diagnostic tool, and change the value of UseVLANs/IgnoreVlans to test if you get a different result.