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Unable to remove a Unknown Person from wire-up desk mapping


After you have associated the MAC address of a dock to a switch port, it displays with both the current user and an Unknown User. Then you find that you cannot remove the Unknown Person from the wire-up desk mapping, or remove a previous desk’s mapping.


Do not remove the Unknown Person from the Wire-up Module.

Reason 1 - LDM not running

Reason 2 - Serraview cannot match the user

The person’s details are not part of the Serraview people data. If Serraview does not have the details of a person, we cannot display them in Locator.

Locator identifies people by comparing their user name to the value of their user name in the People details. If there is not an exact match, we cannot accurately display a person in Locator.

For more details, refer to Why is 'Unknown Person' displaying at a desk?

Reason 3 - Desk already has a datapoint

It could display two users because there are two different switch ports associated with the desk. You can re-wire a desk, see below, Re-wire a desk for a switch port assigned to the wrong desk.