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Validate Engage Kisok

This is a quick test to make sure the Engage Kiosk is running smoothly, we recommend:

  1. You make a desk reservation, see Reserve a Desk as a Guest (Kiosk). When you successfully make a desk reservation your Engage Kiosk is ready for use.
  2. Next, delete the test desk reservation. This can be done in the following ways:

Delete from Serraview

Your Serraview System Administrator can delete the desk reservation in Serraview, see Cancel a desk reservations as an Admin.

Delete from the Engage Kiosk

On the Engage Kiosk screen, press and hold on the date/time area (or when using a keyboard/mouse hold the Ctrl key down and click and hold). You need to hold for several seconds. This will return you to the kiosk device selection screen.

Next, tap on the kiosk profile's initials.


The kiosk guest bookings display.


Tap the test desk reservation and the desk reservation displays.


Tap the Delete icon. The confirmation message "Delete this event?" displays.


Tap the OK button and the event is deleted.