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2021 August Product Release Overview

The following was released for Serraview:

For more details see Serraview Release Management and Product Upgrades and Maintenance Windows.

Spaces Module to support moving multiple Shape Polylines

Released August 21st

When you select a shape polyline or multiple shape polylines you will be able to move the shape.

Remember if you are using the Floorplan Importer do not edit shapes as this will interfere with the floor's ability to be exported and imported from AutoCAD in the future.

For more details, refer to Move a Shape's Points.

Spaces Module's Live View to have Real-Time Update

Released August 21st

The sensors state will update automatically for each space.

For more details, refer to Space View Selector.

Space Module's Live View to display the Space Card with the Live People Count

Released August 21st

When you click on the space the space card will display the "Live People Count".

For more details, refer to Space View Selector.

Scenario Planner to Synchronize Changes for Space Name and Shape Data

Released August 21st

When running a Sync from Live the outcome of the sync process will differ depending on the situation (see Synchronize Plan Outcomes). There are only two occurrences where Scenario Planner will always synchronize data into the scenario plan, regardless of changes that have been made.

They are:

  • Space Name Changes - If the name of a space is changed in VBS Live, when a Sync from Live is kicked off the scenario plan will be updated to reflect the new name of that space
  • Shape Data Changes - If the shape or physical location of a space is changed in VBS Live those changes will also be brought into the scenario plan.

For example, in a minor refit, the physical size of a meeting room might shrink from an 8 seat room to a 4 seat room. When the mapping changes are completed in Serraview (either through Spaces or Floorplan Importer) after a Sync from Live has been completed all scenario plans will be updated to reflect those changes that have happened in VBS Live.

For more details, refer to Synchronize Phase from the Live VBS.

Ability to add more Impacted Buildings to a Scenario Plan

Released August 21st

If you realize that you have another building impacted by your scenario, now you will be able to add the building into your Scenario Move Plan.


For more details, refer to Add another Impacted Building to the Scenario Move Plan.

New 347 Insights Validation Report

Released August 21st

Recently the Insights team released a dashboard called Data Validation DashboardThe purpose of the dashboard is to provide the baseline metrics found in Insights and this can be used to compare the Serraview metrics which can be displayed in 347 Insights Validation Report.

For more details, refer to 347 Insights Validation Report.

Block & Stack - Villages for Hybrid Workers (Beta Release)

Released August 21st

The Block & Stack will be enhanced to give Space Planners the ability to manage Villages.

What are Villages?

Villages can be thought of a neighborhoods that can span multiple floors or buildings (in a campus). 

Teams of people can be assigned to use any space within a Village, providing next-generation flexibility for the hybrid workforce. 

The support for Villages will include a new booking rule for Engage Reservations, allowing residents of a Village to book any desk within their assigned Village. 

Serraview Menu Changes

Released August 7th

The menu navigation has been enhanced to improve usability and introduces a new Admin Settings area, for more details, see Serraview Navigation.


Also, when you are on the Home screen the Product Support panel displays open. This is where you find the links to the release notes which we regularly update within the release cycle.


Recalculate Chargeback Statistics

Released August 7th

The chargeback statistics were recalculated nightly and now the statistics will be recalculated every 2 minutes.

Learn more about chargeback, refer to Chargeback.

Spaces Module to displays a warning message when your Floorplan has been loaded using the Floorplan Importer

Released August 7th

When you are in the Spaces Module and you use the Edit Polyline Tool to edit the Serraview Polylines then we will display a warning "Warning : This floorplan was imported with the Floorplan Importer. Editing shapes on this floor will interfere with the floor’s ability to be exported and imported from AutoCAD in the future."


Spaces Module to include a Sensor Live View

Released August 7th

The Live View will display in the Spaces Module when you have Sensors. 


For more details, refer to Space View Selector

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