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Utilization API

Utilization data helps the Corporate Real Estate teams understand how their workplace portfolio is used right down to desk level. This data allows them to make fact-based decisions when looking at space requirements for both everyday requests and longer-term capacity planning.

Continually collecting utilization data over time also provides the means to track trends and the outcomes of new initiatives on the workplace.

Utilization data can also enable the workforce to make better use of their work environment by providing location services (often called wayfinding). With more and more corporations moving to flexible seating styles, the need to easily find colleagues and work spaces becomes a high priority, improving employee experience as they move to a new style of working.

Serraview's Utilization API allows utilization events from SVLive and/or sensors to be pushed to Serraview in real-time.

The following is an example of Utilization Collection Technologies integration with the Serraview Platform.