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2021 July Product Release Overview

The following was released for Serraview:


From April 2021 there is a new version of the MACAddressWatcher executable file. You will need to download this version from the Document Library.

For more details on the MACAddressWatcher, refer to Automated or Manual MAC Address Retrieval.

Search by Address in the Spaces Module

Released July 24th

You will be able to search by the building's address in the Location selector.


New Space Type Hierarchy Import

Released July 24th

The new Space Type Hierarchy Import will let you quickly update your space types settings.


For more details, refer to Space Type Hierarchy Import and Requirements for Space Type Hierarchy.

Running Reports in Parallel 

Released July 24th

When you run a report the Launch button will spin (for 5 seconds) as the report is being generated. The user experience has been enhanced to ensure the same report is not generated multiple times when a user keeps clicking the Launch button.


Unarchive Retention Statuses

Released July 10th

The Delete button has been removed and replaced with an Archive button. Retention Statuses now can be archived instead of permanently deleted and if in the future you to restore a retention status then it can be unarchived.


For more details, refer to Archive or disable a Retention Status via the Configuration module.

When assigned to a Service Request an Email will be sent out

Released July 10th

When you are assigned to a Service Request as a contact the Service Request assignment email will be sent out.


For more details, refer to Update Contacts and Assignees and Service Request Emails.

Help Panel Enhancements

Released July 10th

The context sensitive help will soon display images and the links will open into a new tab.