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Select multiple Workplace Administration grid rows

The Workplace Administration's Manage Admins grid and the Access Profile's grid lets you either select all rows (the entire data set) or a selection of rows.

All Rows

This selects the entire data set. 

  1. Search and filter the grid rows. For more details, refer to Use the Workplace Administration Search and Filter.
  2. Click the Select All Rows clipboard_ee75fa6636c901d348f1e9f5d44c01041.png icon.

All the rows in the search and filter results will be selected.


If you select a large data set then this will be sent as a job when you click the Update button. The Serraview system will receive this job and process update, therefore you will need to wait a few minutes for the job to be completed.


All Rows displayed on the screen

This selects only the rows displayed on the screen.

  1. Optional - Select the Pagination drop-down, select the number of pages to display. For example:  clipboard_ece1ed165d4d35948a64fba72bb9ce217.png
  2. In the column header, check the item check box. This will select all of the grid rows. If you want to deselect all of the rows then uncheck the item check box.


Nonconsecutive Rows

Use this to select different rows.

  • In the row, check the item check box to select the row.


Consecutive Rows

Use this to select multiple consecutive rows.

  1. Hold the Shift key and click the first row's item check box.
  2. Click the last row's item check box. This will select all rows between those two points.