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Service Request Quick Reports

The Service Request module has a set of quick reports that can be run without having to go to the Serraview Reporting module.

Run the Quick Reports

From the module complete the following:

  1. Adjust the service request grid using the filters and/or search.
  2. Click the Reports icon.
  3. Click the name of the report


4. Click the quick report.

5. Your report will run and download to your device. When it is downloaded, you can open the report and view its content.

The reports available for this module are:

# Report Description

31 Service Request Summary Due - Excel Report

Summary of Service Requests grouped by when they are due.

32 Service Request Assignee Report

Summary of Service Requests grouped by assignee.

35 Service Request Raw Data Report

Provides every field within the Service Request for a specific date type and region, within a specific date range e.g. all Service Requests for Victoria from 01/04/2011-30/06/2014.

52 Service Request Summary Report

An Excel report displaying a summary of Service Requests.

63 Business Case Report

This s a printable Microscopy Word document made up of the key elements of a Service Request. When sending approvals to an Approver electronically, the business case is automatically attached to the approval email.

64 Service Request Executive Summary Report

Provides the summary of Service Requests in high-level categories of new, this month, high priority. This report also gives all request made by different Organizational Units by type of Service Requests.

65 Removalist Form Report

Provides a printable removalist form to send or fax to the Removalist. Only certain fields from the Service Request are pre-populated which allows additional information to be added to this Word document.

80 Service Request Type Report

Summary of Service Requests grouped by type.

82 Complete Service Requests by Division Report

Completed Service Requests grouped by division.

86 Workplace Demand For Growth Report

Displays growth demand based on Service Requests.

106 Service Request Export

An export of Service Requests.

110 Service Request Removalist Report

This report displays details of Service Request Removalist in Microsoft Excel format.

129 Service Request Cost Breakdown Report

Lists the costs associated with Service Requests.

213 Workplace Service Request Report

Workplace Service Requests report

The quick reports are configurable by your System Administrator. They can choose different reports to run and the parameters set on each report for maximum benefit for your business. 

For information on setting up the quick reports, refer to Quick Reports.