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Manage Villages


Teams of people can be assigned to use any space within a village, providing next-generation flexibility for the hybrid workforce. Also, the support for villages will include a booking rule for Engage Reservations, allowing residents of a village to book any desk within their assigned village. See Allow Employees in a Village to Reserve Desks.

Prerequisite - Set up the Villages

In the Configuration module, you can set up the villages, see Configure Villages. From this area you will be able to:

  • Add or edit a village name, color, and target ratio.
  • Unlink a village from all the neighborhoods and then delete a village.

Manage Villages in the Block and Stack

In the Block and Stack, you can quickly find out if a building has neighborhoods that are part of villages. Then in the Block and Stack you can add or remove your neighborhoods to and from the village.

  1. Click the building clipboard_e928e590ebc2b7da47380e3e71945a3e9.png icon.
  2. Click the Villages tab. The villages are listed.


When you select a village in the Block and Stack then the Village icon clipboard_ef719006d7e821255282920bcf2163235.png displays alongside the neighborhood's name.


Then the Block and Stack you can add or remove your neighborhoods to and from the village.

Manage Villages in the Scenario VBS

When you are in the Scenario Planner you will be able to make scenario plans for your Villages. As your Villages will span multiple buildings you will need to make sure that all buildings that contain the Village are in the scenario plan, or you will not be able to select the Village.

Set up Engage's Desk Reservations Permissions for Villages

If your business is using Engage to make desk reservations then you can set up the desk reservations permissions.