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Refresh the BOS Move Plan Data from Live

In BOS Move Plan, you can refresh the data when you want to make sure the occupancy data is up-to-date with the latest Production (Live) data.

Any changes made to a move that is part of a multi-phase move will impact its other moves. For example, if in Phase 1 the BOS Occupant is changed, then that change will sync forward to its Phase 2 move data. See the examples:

The example below demonstrates the Refresh from Live to update the Locker details.

  1. From the BOS Project Overview screen, click the BOS Move Plan. The BOS Project Details screen displays.
  2. Click the BOS Plan Moves Data clipboard_e4d8f29a219082e0aa41e64f8cb2d99e3.png icon. The BOS Plan Moves Data screen displays.
  3. From the BOS Grid Headings, click Lockers


4. Select the row check box to the left of the row. Note: You can select the top check box to select all the rows OR to select multiple rows, use Ctrl key + click to select multiple rows. You can also select the first row, hold the Shift key and then select the last row which will select all rows between those two points.

5. Click the Refresh from Live refresh_from_live.png icon. The Refresh X rows from live popup displays.


5. Select the either BOS Occupant, Workpoint, or Asset option button. 

6. Click the Refresh Rows button.

The BOS Move Plan's data for the selected rows is now up-to-date.