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SVLive2 Maintenance

Maintenance Requirements and Change Management

It is critical that SVLive is tested before changes are applied to the client’s Production environment. This helps to ensure that your IT/Network Teams prevent data outages which will affect the Business Team who rely upon SVLive for critical property utilization intelligence. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that change management includes testing SVLive applications’ connection to the Cloud endpoints.

Below details who is responsible for the change management.

Component Description Responsibility

SVLive Presence Service 

When SVLive Presence Service requires an update.


WAPs (Wireless Access Points)

Add or remove WAPs on the floorplan.

Update BSSIDs for SVLive to triangulate location of user on Wi-Fi networks.

Wired Locations When a workspace is modified and desk layouts are changed, once the ports have been patched in, the client will need to perform the Wireup activity again, for those updated desks Client


SVLive Presence Service connection from SOE to Serraview API endpoints.

Switch Scanner:

  • hosted on VM
  • connection to Switches, and Switch configuration
  • connection to Serraview API endpoints

Proxy or firewall changes.


Software Software upgrades. Client / Serraview Implementation team

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