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SVLive2 Maintenance

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SVLive2 Maintenance

Maintenance Requirements and Change Management

To ensure the availability of the service with no impact on the Utilization data or Wayfinding applications, your Corporate Real Estate team and IT team need to understand the maintenance required to prevent any impact on services.

The table below provides a high-level view of who is responsible for managing the component changes as they take place.

Component Description Responsibility

SVLive Presence Service

When SVLive Presence Service requires an update. Client

WAPs (Wireless Access Points)

Add or remove WAPs on the floorplan.

Update BSSIDs for SVLive to triangulate location of user on Wi-Fi networks.

Wired Locations When a workspace is modified and desk layouts are changed, once the ports have been patched in, the client will need to perform the Wireup activity again, for those updated desks Client


SVLive Presence Service connection from SOE to Serraview API endpoints.

Switch Scanner:

  • hosted on VM
  • connection to Switches, and Switch configuration
  • connection to Serraview API endpoints

Proxy or firewall changes.


Software Software upgrades. Client / Serraview Implementation team

Maintenance Overview

SVLive offers a real-time business intelligence data collection solution for supporting high performing workplace environments and ensuring they are used as effectively as possible. 

The core service generates workplace utilization data used in reporting modules, including Insights, and streams live workplace information to Wayfinding technology for kiosks, laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

If the data flow from the client network to the Serraview is interrupted by outages, or connection errors for example, the utilization data will be incomplete.

SVLive consists of the following applications:

SVLive Presence Service

On-premise, deployed to devices in the SOE.

A small application that securely transports user activity events to the SVLive Cloud.

This is required for Wi-Fi Network based utilization data.

SVLive Proxy A component managed by the client’s IT department that ensures only trusted devices have access to Serraview services.
Switch Scanner

This component is installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) in the client’s network. It scans a list of provided switches and sends MAC Addresses and Port information securely to the SVLive Cloud.

This is required for Wired Network based utilization data, in conjunction with the Serraview Presence Service.

SVLive Cloud

This is a managed service.

This component takes the activity and scan data from the on-premise applications, and turns it into meaningful business intelligence data, and a live data stream for Wayfinding.

Network Activity

For the full list of Network Access and Ports, refer to SVLive2 Network Access and Ports.

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