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SVLive2 Troubleshooting

After the installation of SVLive it is important to validate the software through the following:

1. User Device and Server Connectivity

Serraview Presence Service (SPS) and Switch Scanner require multiple connection paths to be tested, before deploying the system to a whole Floor or Building for the next level of validation. These checks validate the Network Environment is configured to allow all necessary traffic from SVLive apps.

For more details, see 1. User Device and Server Connectivity

2. Floor Accuracy

With all SVLive connections validated in the User Device and Server Connectivity checks, deploying to an entire floor of users or an entire building is the next validation. The “Walking the Floor” is the method, where an audit is undertaken to compare the actual floor activity with the data the SVLive software sensors are generating.

Engage Validation

If your company is using Engage then head over to 2. Floor Accuracy when using Engage to complete the validation activity.

Locator Validation

If your company is using our Wayfinding Application called Locator then head over to 2. Floor Accuracy when using Locator to complete the validation activity.

3. Portfolio Accuracy

When the “Walking the Floor” activity is completed and any issues found are resolved now you can complete the Portfolio Accuracy validation. This validation is looking at Trend Exception Reports to reconcile Badge vs SVLive data, for example, you can look into what percentage of users have badged into a building and then seen in the SVLive data for that day?

For more details, see 3. Portfolio Accuracy



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