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Change Team Workpoint Count


You can change the team's workpoint count and then complete the stack planning against the team's new workpoint count.

  1. From the stack select one team or multiple teams, or change the Group By to an Org Unit Level. See Select multiple Teams in Scenario VBS.
  2. In the right-hand side toolbar, click the Rightsizing Teams clipboard_e4be0225e0b9e4977ee9202792563419c.png icon. The Right Size Teams form displays.
  3. For the team you want to change, click the Edit clipboard_e4e1e70c738a15a28859c692ff5d1f446.png icon.


4. In the workpoint spin box, enter the number of workpoints.

For a flexible team the workpoints are calculated as [Workpoints = Occupants / Target Ratio] and then rounded up.

5. Click the Update Stack button.