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Find a Team with a Reservation (Web)


When a team has a reservation you will be able to find where they are sitting.

Follow the Steps

From the Concierge menu, click on Maps to begin.

The menu items in the Concierge menu are configurable so the menu item could be called Find & Book or another name that suits your business, see Set up the Concierge Menu for 3 or more menu items.


Either you can see a reservation for today or in the future.

Let's see where the team is sitting today.

Click the Teams tab.


You can either search for the team's name or browse the list. When you find the team then click on their name.

If your team names are not familiar to you, then speak to your System Administrator about updating these as the Serraview instance may be using formal team names provided by HR. Learn more in Configure Team Reservation.

The team members displays.


Select a team member's name.


Click the More icon. This displays the desks reserved for the team in the list and on the floorplan.