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Version 2.51 - June 2017 Release Notes

Release 2.51 includes a security enhancement and minor changes and fixes to BOS, Configuration, Locator, Portfolio Dashboard, Reports and Scenario Planner.


Existing Security Roles can now be duplicated.

Duplicate Role

How to duplicate an existing role and then add or remove one or more of the duplicated secured actions to create a new and unique role.

  1. Navigate to Portfolio Manager > Configuration tab > Security.
  2. On the Roles tab, locate and select the role to duplicate.
  3. Click the Duplicate link to open the Duplicate Role dialog.
  4. In the Please Enter A New Role Name text box, enter a name for the new role (e.g. Facility Booking Administrator).
  5. Click the OK button. The new role is added to the Roles list and selected ready to remove one or more duplicated secured actions or add new secured actions.
  6. In the Actions For This Role list, click the Remove link beside any action to be removed from this role.
  7. In the All Available Actions list, locate and select the secured actions to be added to this role and drag them to the Actions For This Role list.
  8. Click the Save icon.

Minor Changes and Fixes


Fix - Invalid move rows will no longer cause a BOS Move Project implementation to fail. Move rows that cannot be implemented will be flagged as exceptions as per the normal business logic.


Enhancement - New functionality added to allow custom Building Location Types to be added to Keyword sets.

Enhancement - In Configuration > People, a new column "Date Nominated" has been added to the Archive Candidates tab.

Enhancement - In the Email outbox, the name of the Serraview invitation email has been re-titled "Serraview Access" to assist easy discovery for System Admins when troubleshooting issues with access.

Portfolio Dashboard

Enhancement - Now only displays building information for locations that are set to show in VBS.

Enhancement - Gauges now run clockwise.


Enhancement - Tables can be created to use as legends for Reporting Dashboard floorplan reports. This is useful when legend overlays are too intrusive, or a report needs multiple legends.

Enhancement - Space labels in Reporting Dashboard floorplan reports can now be colored, rotated and re-sized.

Enhancement - Flexible desks can now be displayed as triangles in Reporting Dashboard floorplan reports to align with VBS.

Fix - In Report Builder the Org Hierarchy table now expands/collapses correctly.

Fix - Report 223 is now functioning as expected for Speedgate users.

Scenario Planner

Fix - Fixed intermittent issue with blocking after resolving conflicts.


Enhancement - The regions on the top-level navigation tabs are now easier to select.

Enhancement - Redesign of the search functionality to remove the search icon from the right of the search bar, extend the search bar width and remove the white line between the heading and search bar.

Enhancement - Minor user interface changes to Find People, Spaces and Meeting Spaces.

Enhancement - You can now filter desk types (sit stand desks, ergonomic chair, etc.) in Find A Desk.

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