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2022 June Serraview Product Release

The following was released for Serraview:

Scenario Planner Reporting

Release June 25th

Now you will be able to run the reports from Scenario Planner these can be run on All Phases or a Single Phase.


Learn more in Scenario Reports.

New Block and Stack (VBS) Highlighting of Teams and Neighborhoods

Release June 25th

When you select a team or neighborhood on the stack then that team or neighborhood will be highlighted and the others will be faded. 


Learn more in Block and Stack.

New Space Details and Person Details cards in the Block and Stack (VBS)

Release June 25th

You will be familiar with the Space Details and the Person Details cards in the Spaces module and with this release, you will see these cards in the Block and Stack (VBS) module. 

When you click on a space or an occupant the details card will display.


When you click the person’s name their details are displayed.


Learn more in Search for a Space.

Block and Stack (VBS)'s Floorplan default Display Height Increased

Release June 25th

With the introduction of the Space Details and Person Details cards, we have increased the default height of the floorplans. When you open a floor the floorplan will display and below is a comparison, on the left is the new default height.


Other Fixes and Improvements

Release June 25th

  • Accessibility enhancements were made to Serraview.

Import User Roles in Bulk

Released June 11th

When your Serraview instance is being implemented your user roles can be imported using the User Roles import. 


Learn more in User Import.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released June 11th

  • General usability improvements and bugs.