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Desk Check-in via QR Code


When the check-in opens and you are in the office then you can use the desk's QR Code to check in to the desk. The QR Code can be scanned with your device's camera or you can use the QR Scanner from the Engage's concierge menu. 

The QR Scanner in the Concierge menu only displays if your System Administrator has this setup.

Follow the Steps

Either use your device's camera or use the Concierge menu's QR Scanner.

QR Scanner

From the Concierge menu, scroll to the QR Scanner and tap this to activate the scanner.


Next, the Engage app opens automatically and you are checked into the desk.


Next, the Engage app opens automatically and you can check in to your desk.

Device's Camera

Tap your camera icon to activate the camera and then hover over the QR Code.


The QR Code will either activate a link and then you can tap on the link to open the Engage app OR it will automatically open the Engage app. Then you will be checked into the desk.