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Manage Org Unit Hierarchy

Let us guide you through how to manually update the org unit hierarchy.

Add, edit, or delete Org Units >>

Level: System Administrator

Bulk Import or Manual Update

Serraview allows the Org Unit Hierarchy to be maintained via imports and/or manually.

We recommend that you manage your Org Unit Hierarchy using either:

  • automated import (SFTP) 
  • manually via Serrview

If you use the import and manual changes, this can handle small changes such as updates to org unit names HOWEVER when you have substantial changes then you must make these in the external system and then load them into Serraview using the automated import. 


Before making any changes, we recommend that you find out the following:

  1. Check with your System Administrator to find out if there is existing SFTP setup for the Org Unit Import.
  2. Determine if you will update the Org Unit data in the import file OR complete a manual update such as add, edit, or delete.

Manual Changes result in Post-Translation Rules

It is very important know that when you make a manual change it creates a post-translation rule that future Org Unit imports attempt to apply. These post-translation rules (manual changes) can be color changes, custom name changes, or structure changes, and these are recorded in the Org Unit Changes screen:

The order in which the changes display in the list is the order that they are processed each time an Org Unit Import runs, so these are effectively a way of making custom changes over the top of the Org Unit Import to fix up things that may not be quite right with the import.

Review Post-Translation Rules

The post-translation rules must be reviewed periodically and if any are no longer required then they must be deleted. Learn more in Review the manual Org Unit Changes.

Orphan Org Units

Some Org Unit Hierarchy changes often result in the creation of Orphan Org Units, which must be managed by the System Administrator.

Learn more in Update Orphan Org Units.