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ServiceNow Integration

Client IT / Serraview Implementation Team

Use the following list to ensure you have completed the implementation.






ServiceNow Instance Commissioned

The ServiceNow instance to be commissioned and the following information needs to be sent to the Serraview Implementation Team:

  • URL of your ServiceNow instance. For example, https://[clientname]
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Username and password for Serraview to access ServiceNow. This is an API user for Serraview to use and the user needs to have access fetch and update. For example, request items and associated data (statuses, types, categories etc), user details, attachments, comments (sys_journal_field i think), sys_dictionary (to get field labels).


Client IT


Create a Service Account

Set up a service account in Serraview, refer to Register a Serraview Service Account.

ServiceNow Instance Commissioned

Client IT


Add the secured actions to the Service Account

The new service request account will require the following secured actions:

  • Configuration - Service Requests - Access
  • Service Request - View All Request Queues
  • Service Request - Edit All Request Queues

If you require access then contact your System Administrator. For information on how to add secured actions to a role, refer to Manage User Roles.

Serraview Service Account

Client IT


Upload the Service Account details

Send the following information to the Serraview Implementation Team:

  • private key
  • service account id

We recommend that you always upload sensitive data via the secure SFTP File Upload. Note that email can be vulnerable to interception.

Use the File Upload tool and the category Other to upload the Service Account's details in a text file. Make sure you include a comment to indicate what the purpose of the file is.



Update the Configuration File
Update the configuration file and then complete the deploy.

Serraview Service Account details

Serraview Implementation Team


Optional - Update Mappings

If needed update the mappings between Serraview and the ServiceNow fields. Only the field values can be transformed, we cannot configure which fields to sync.

For more information, refer to ServiceNow Field Mappings.


Serraview Implementation Team


Test the ServiceNow Integration

Make sure the integration is syncing.

Integration Completed

Serraview Implementation Team and Client IT team