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Serraview App

The Serraview App is for Locator on your mobile device or tablet. If you are looking for the Engage App, this is found in this section About Engage.

The Serraview app contains Locator which provides a simple platform for you to quickly search and find desks, spaces and people.

Supported Devices

The Serraview app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


The Serraview app (for Locator) is currently supported on the following devices:

  • Apple - iPhone / iPod touch / iPad with minimum iOS Version 8.0
  • Android - Mobile / Tablet with minimum version 4.4

Data Encryption

There is no encryption at rest for App Native storage. Serraview does not store any sensitive data i.e. credentials or any personal information. We only store the selected instance within app storage e.g. 'serraview' for our instance.

The webview used to display floorplans and personal information will cache floorplan images, javascript assets, cookies, etc may contain identifiable information. It will cache the same information as a normal browser does on a device.

If you are using Beco (beacons), then Beco SDK will also cache Beco credentials and person identifiers.

Frequency of the IdP polling

The mobile app authentication is no different to a browser. Therefore, Serraview will re-authenticate the user (which will validate against the IdP if SSO is in use) every time their session expires. Also, the session timeout is configurable.

Using Locator

The following describes how to use Locator on a mobile or tablet:

In the Serraview App, the icons for Find a Space, Find a Person, and Find a Desk cannot be hidden, the enable settings are only for Locator on a kiosk, laptop or desktop.