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Security in Scenario Plans

Access to this module is managed using secured actions and roles.

Private and Public Scenario Plans

The Scenarios Plans can either be Public, where everyone can access the plan, or Private, where access is granted to specific users.

Public Scenario Plan

The Public Scenario Plan is visible to anyone who can access the Scenario Planner module, refer to Update the Scenario Plan Details and Security for details on how to change a plan to be public.

The System Administrator is responsible for which users are given access and the following secured actions relate to this module:

Secured Action Description

Scenario Project - Create Projects

Ability to create a Scenario plan.
Scenario Planner - Access

Allow access to the Scenario Planner module and display to the user all public Scenario Plans and private Scenario Plans that the user has been explicitly invited to.

Scenario Planner - Send Manual Emails Allows the user to send manual emails.

The secured actions for emails are:

  • Email - Scenario Planner - Access Invite (Existing User)
  • Email - Scenario Planner - Access Invite (New User)

The secured actions for reports are:

  • Report[342] - Scenario Workpoint and Team Occupancy

If you require access then contact your System Administrator. For information on how to add secured actions to a role, refer to Manage User Roles.

Private Scenario Plan

If you want your Scenario Plan to be private then you will need to beware of the following:

  • If a plan is made private, only the Owner of a plan can access it as the creator is the default Owner.
  • The Owner and Co-owner can manage the permission and visibility (public or private) of their Scenario Plans.

Serraview recommends that for a Private Scenario Plan, you always have at least one co-owner. Refer to Update the Scenario Plan Details and Security for details on how to change a plan to be private and assign users.

If a private Scenario Plan does not have an assigned co-owner, and the owner then leaves the organization or takes extended leave, then the System Administrator can assign a co-owner to the private Scenario Plan as they have the Move Administration secured action as part of their System Administrator role (or can be added to a custom role if required).