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2020 October Engage Product Release

The following was released for Engage:

Enforce Simplified Authentication

This enforces an employee to regularly log into Engage using a Passcode.

When the setting User must login on launch check box is checked, in the Engage Configuration, then the user will be prompted to enter a 6-digit pin code and then confirm the pin.

  1. Login with SSO first and then prompted to enter a 6-digit pin and confirm the pin.
  2. Afterwards have to enter the pin after 2 hours of activity.

For details, see Set up Authentication so Employees Regularly Login.


Maps Integration

Tap the floor and the maps application will load the address.

For the building to display in the correct location, you will need to make sure the buildings are set up with the correct Latitude and Longitude. For details, see Manage building.



Booked By

When you display a desk, it will now display who booked the desk, if you tap the person's name the person card displays.


Toggle between All Reservations and Time Blocked Reservations

In the Engage Configuration, if you uncheck the Enforce all day desk reservations check box then the reservation card display in 2 hour block.

The user must log out and log back in for the configuration to take effect.

For more details, refer to Set up All Day Desk Reservations and Check-in Times.

Reservations in 2 hour Blocks Example


All Day Reservation Example


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