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Switch Scanner Installation


  • Virtual Machine has been provisioned by the Client, as per the minimum specifications for hardware, see Operating Environment.
  • A System Administrator from the Client IT team is required to run the installation (on the Virtual Machine that has been provisioned).


Download artifacts

Download the SVLive Presence Service and the Switch Scanner installation files from Serraview’s Document Library.

Copy files to a new folder on the Virtual Machine, for example, C:/Serraview/

Gather required information

The actual values are provided during the implementation.

Field Value
Destination path

Path where the service will be installed.

Important Note

The installation folder must be created by the Administrator, as the installer will not create the folder automatically.

SNMP Version V2, V3
SNMP V2 Community read string Customers SNMP community read string.
SNMP V3 Auth

Customer’s SNMP V3 security values:

- User name

- Privacy Algorithm (AES or DES)

- Privacy Password

- Authentication Algorithm (MD5 or SHA1)

- Authentication Password

Logon user

Domain and user specification of what account the switch scanner service will log on as.

This user must be a member of the “Performance Monitor Users“ group on the local server, to allow the Switch Scanner to send some health telemetry from the local server. It must also have “Log on as a service” policy.

Logon password Password for the account above.
Proxy address

Address of the proxy, in the format SERVER:PORT.

Do not include http or https

Encrypt configuration

If the Switch Scanner API key is encrypted in the stored configuration file.

The user must have a Windows Local User Profile and must also have read/write access to the location in which the Switch Scanner is installed.

Execute the Install Script

This requires PowerShell 5.x to run the installer script, do not use PowerShell 6+ as this is not supported.

  1. Open an elevated PowerShell terminal.
  2.  Execute the install script. Example script is shown below for illustrative purposes. The actual install script command will be provided by Serraview.
.\install.ps1 -switchScannerId 1 `
-apiEndpoint <<API Endpoint> `
-apiKey <API Key> `
-destinationPath “<Installation path>” `
-snmpVersion V2 `
-snmpV2CommunityReadString ‘<SNMP V2 Community read string>’ `
-logonUser "domain\user" `
-logonPassword "password" `
-isProxyEnabled $true/$false `
-proxyAddress <proxy address>
-inboundApiPort 8080 


Check that the service is running correctly, either look at the Services application or run the command below:

sc query "svlive switch scanner"

Update Values

All values can be updated by reinstalling over the top of the existing installation, except for login details or destination path. To update these values, first, uninstall the service as described below in the Uninstall section, then reinstall with the new values.


  1. Delete the service:
    1. Open a Command Prompt with Administrator rights.
    2. Stop the service by entering:

      sc.exe stop "SVLive Switch Scanner"
    3. Delete the service by entering:

      sc.exe delete "SVLive Switch Scanner"
  2. Restart the Server.
  3. Navigate to the directory of the Switch Scanner application and manually delete the files.