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Space Type Hierarchy Data



The default Space Type Hierarchy is used to define the space types used on the floorplan.

Each Space Type can be mapped on the floorplan as:

  • polygon - which can be drawn in either a rectangular or irregular shape.
  • point - which is a small dot on the floorplan.

Learn more about the structure in the Space Hierarchy in the Spaces module article.

Default Space Type Hierarchy

We recommend you use the default Space Type Hierarchy data. You will need to be familiar with the space types as these can be used when loading floorplans. See Review the default Space Type Hierarchy.

Data Dictionary

The data dictionary contains the general information and the column details about the data, see Requirements for Space Type Hierarchy.


After the Space Type Hierarchy has been updated by the Space Type Hierarchy Import then review the hierarchy to make sure is has the correct settings and structure, see Validate Space Type Hierarchy.


Ongoing, the Client is responsible to keep the Space Type Hierarchy data maintained.