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Version 2.54 - September 2017 Release Notes

New Features & Minor Changes

Data Imports

New - Org Unit Generic Import is available to allow import of an organizational unit hierarchy directly via the My Imports module. It displays the import schema and includes both sample import file and trial run functionality. Added to this new import is the ability to update org unit tags, org unit budget tags and org unit hierarchy tags.

Enhancement - Import statuses are now more meaningful, showing the following statuses for each row:



No change

Nothing to change as the import row is consistent with Serraview.


Created a record in the database, such as adding a new floor to a building.


Updated an existing record, such as updating a team's name.


Deleted an existing record, such as clearing a desk of occupants.


Result is a mixture of add/delete/update of records.


Ignored due to validation failure, for example the column might be spelled incorrectly.


System failed to perform the import, for example the first column might be blank.

Enhancement - The Workpoint Import can now update team names using the "New Team Name" column.

Enhancement - The Floor Import now allows a unique identifier to be added to each floor using the new 'Floor Number' column.

Enhancement - Tags against people can now be imported using the Person Import.

Enhancement - Tags against buildings can now be imported using the Building Import.

Enhancement - Tags against floors can now be imported using the Floor Import.

Enhancement - The following imports now allow the 'Building Number' and 'Floor Number' unique identifiers to be utilized.

  • Asset Import
  • BOS Import
  • Data Point Import
  • Floor Import
  • Hood Import
  • Occupancy Import
  • Recharge Import
  • Serraview Live Import
  • Switch Import
  • Team Import
  • Workpoint Import
  • No labels