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Add a person to a workpoint via the Workpoint tab

You can add a person to your fixed team to a workpoint using the Workpoint tab.

  1. Click the Workplace icon.
  2. Select a location.
  3. If you have multiple teams, click the My Teams button to only view your teams.
  4. In the Teams list, click on your team name. For example Future Growth.

For Fixed Teams the Workpoints tab displays by default. 


5. In the Workpoints view, all workpoints that do not contain a person's name, or a retention status are displayed with a red badge at the top of the workpoint list.


6. Click on a workpoint in the list on the left to zoom in and view the Workpoint dialog on the floorplan for the selected workpoint.


From the Workpoint dialog, compete the following:

  1. In the add occupant field, begin typing the name of the person.
  2. Select the name from the filter results. The workpoint will turn to green.


3. Can click away to close the dialog.

If the person already has an existing location, you will be prompted to choose if to move/keep them. Depending on Workplace configuration this option may not be available.

The Enable Move/Keep Functionality option allows you to choose whether or not to move a person to a workpoint if they are already assigned to a workpoint. This option is not turned on by default. Before moving team members in Workplace, check with your System Administrator whether the Enable Move/Keep Functionality is enabled. For more information, refer to Set the enable move & keep functionality.