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Utilization Compliance Dashboard

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Utilization Compliance Dashboard


As business returns to normal, ensuring compliance with return-to-work rules is critical for the safety of all staff. This report helps track breaches of these rules, tracking both staff no-shows as well as staff showing up but with no booking. Even without booking data, this dashboard can identify staff who attended the building in the case of any COVID-19 risks.

Identify problem behaviors:

  • No-shows (Booked, did not appear).
  • Arriving without booking.
  • Works with Engage, SVLive, and Badge.
  • Obtain a list of persons and email addresses to contact.
  • Highlight trends of the above behavior across a week

Special Filters

The series of Yes/No filters allow you to quickly focus analysis on exception conditions that interest you.

  • Has Booking/Has SVLive/Has Badge fields - with “Yes” or “No” values that specify exactly how a person was detected.
  • Is Assigned in Building fields - that specifies whether the person has an assignment in the building where they were detected.


  • Is most useful when a combination of booking and badge and/or SVLive data is available.
  • Dummy bookings are excluded.


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