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Service Request Details Dashboard

This dashboard is found in Shared > Assignments & Allocations > Details Reports.


A tabular dashboard, designed with the option of exporting to CSV or Excel (use Explore From here to export to Excel). This dashboard includes all Service Requests and their associated Space Requests. To and From information is included, as well as relevant dates, types, and status. This information can be data validation, communication, and detailed planning. Guarantees at least 1 row per Service Request, and 1 row per Space Request. A Service Request may have 0 or many Space Requests.

This dashboard is equivalent to the following Serraview Reports. It is recommended for clients with editor access to update this version to include all of the people who can be assigned to service requests.

Special Data Elements

  • From/To Location Other - Free text field from Serraview that indicates the from/to location.

Special Filters

  • Org Unit Name with Code filter - This will filter on the creator org unit.
  • Location Filters (Region, Building, Floor) - Filters on both To and From locations that match.


  • As the types of people able assigned to Service Requests can be customized, none are listed in this dashboard by default. They can be added by editors with a custom version of this report.